Win a Wedding Accessories Package from “The View”

The View is looking for interested brides to appear on the show in NYC for a possible chance to win a wedding accessories package. No purchase necessary.
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To be considered, please send a summary of how you and your fiancée met, at least one photo, when and where you are getting married and why your wedding story is compelling to:

Producers will select three lucky brides to show off their competitive nature on-air to win the prize. We must have your entries by Friday, September 6th 2013 at 3:00pm/EST.

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  1. Mildred Velez-Wragge

    My nephew Jose M. Cruz and his fiancée Linda I. Martinez are expected to get married by May 2, 2014. They have a five year old daughter and a 7 month old son. They met about 7 years ago at a lounge. Jose’s sister and Linda’s aunt introduced them to each other and they have been together ever since. Jose has the love of his family beside him, however Linda only has three family members (aunt, uncle and cousin) that are in her life. They are unable to have a reception. Their plans are to have a church ceremony and then dinner at a restaurant. Linda is the sweetest, kindest person and a blessing to our family. It would be amazing to see Linda receive such a blessing.

  2. Mildred Velez-Wragge

    I was unable to include a picture. Did not see the options.

  3. MªAngeles

    hola soy MªANGELES y mi novio Fernando tenemos dos niñas de 5 y 2 años todavía no hemos podido casarnos por temas económicos. Eramos amigos y poco apoco nos enamoramos a el le gusto mis ojos y a mi su boca y un día nos besamos y hasta hora

  4. Vernita Jackson

    My fiancé and I met in high school 16 years ago. At 24 my fiancé lost his mom to cancer and 4 months later I found out I was pregnant. We’re getting married on November 24th in Houston, Texas.

  5. Linda Creary

    Hi David , My daughter (Tamika ) is already marry. When she got marry my husband didn’t not have the money for her to have big wedding, She is such is a beautiful young lady. Now her dad past away I can’t give her the wedding she want redo her vow with a wedding gown and all the trending . Her anniversary is August 4. If there anyway you could help me out by surprise her. She would so happy. She finish college with master degree in June I wish I could give her dream wedding she have three beautiful children. Her just back working so it very hard for them now ca you please help me Thanks so much Linda .

  6. Shikha

    My husband and I got married 2 years ago. We never had an actual wedding. December 21, 2013 is when we want to celebrate our 2 yr anniversary but celebrate in a way to re-livemy wedding day I’ve always dreamt of. I want to feel like a princess and celebrate how I’ve always pictured my wedding to be.

  7. Ixelt Romero Morales

    Hello, I would like to know if You have received our summary by email, to be considered in the contest.
    We had some problems sending our email to your account and as we didn´t receive any confirmation we are worried losing the chance to participate with You guys. Please let us know something about we´re in or not. Thank You very much and have a nice weekend!

  8. madeline lujan

    Hi my name is Maddy I am 15 years old and I know David started out planning events and I was praying and hopeing David could help me plan a sweet 16 in November around the 18th. I am a runner and I recently had an accident that sent me to the hospital which my money for my birthday had to be used I am 1of three children so it is a lot for my parents to deliver on a party I know there are a million other applicants and its a long shot but I would be very thankfull if you could help me and even to meet you I am a very huge fan and how you help many women and men with there events I would love it if you could help me David please!!!!!!!!# we can’t wait to see your baby girl :) ))

  9. Anna Torres

    My name is Anna Torres. My fiancé is Angel Loya. We met at a Starbucks where notice my anime messenger bag. We hit it off and then decided that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other. The thing is I grew up in foster care and have no family. I created my own by keeping in touch with some of the foster homes I lived in some will be going to the wedding. Money is going to very tight. It’s going to be small and intimate in the mountains. I love nature greens blues lilacs, yellow roses simple. And with the budget for food is like for hot dogs and hamburgers. We barely are able to pay for things and rent a room in a two bedroom apartment. We are happy with small and simple. Both of us have a fondness for Japan as well. We would like for something more. Even my dress is somewhat to expensive an I found only. I don’t have the money to go try dresses on, I haven’t ordered it yet and I hope when I do it fits after I lose some weight. I would really like help in this and I know there’s people out there that have there actual families to help them. I don’t. I could use the help and feed back. The wedding is on June 7th 2014 a day before he turns 28.

  10. Tracy Conners

    I found this on web and decided to go for it. I got engaged in Venice Italy. It was anything but romantic. He ended up throwing the ring at me. I never thought I wanted a big wedding but it’s my mothers dream. When I got back from vacation I found out I was pregnant. My mother was horrified and very upset. I’m 33 so I was excited. I planned on putting the wedding on hold. I ended up losing the baby so my momzilla is back on track for her wedding. My mother is great but she forgets that I’m not 20 anymore so that’s why I think she was upset. She cared too much what other people thought about having a baby before marriage. Well I’m still struggling to get over my loss of pregnancy and trying to keep myself and mother happy again with wedding planning. My mother is obsessed with your show. I work for tv on the show law and order Svu. Figured if I win this it would be fun to be on screen rather than off screen hanging lights for the actors. Well that’s my story in a nutshell. Thanks for reading. Maybe I will get to meet all of you on the view :)

  11. Jazmin Pacheco

    My name is Jazmin and my Fiance’s name is Frank. We just celebrated our 8th anniversary of dating in June , I started dating Frank when I was 19 years old. we got engaged on December 25th 2011 . We started to plan a wedding but due to obstacles in life we decided to hold off. Frank and I are from two different backgrounds, I was born and raise in the Bronx, NY and is of Hispanic descent . Frank is from Staten Island, NY and is of Italian descent . We met in trade school in 2005 , never in a million years would have thought I would meet the love of my life at 19 and from a different background at that. We been through hard times and a lot of criticisms from other people, but the best part is that we both wake up each day with a strong relationship and an enormous amount of love for one another. We are unbreakable!. It will be an honor for David Tutera to plan our special day . I know I would be in good hands with the love of my life that I gonna marry and with David with all this wonderful and professional ideas. I’m just a princess waiting for her storybook ending.

    • Prabhat

      i’m registered at, you can choose from a list for what you need to make an online checklist, the checklist will give you a list of things to do and take care of based on how far a way the wedding is. like a countdown it’s got tons of stuff including merchandise for the ceremony, reception, bridesmaid’s gift, bridal shower stuff and sooooo much more. it’s been helping me out a lot. give it a shot, i think you’ll like it best of luck to you and congratulations to you and your luck guy

  12. Kristina Stallard

    My fiancé and I met 4 years ago last May. We went out on one date and I really didn’t like him. He texted me for a week before I got a random guy to call him telling him to stop texting me pretending to be my boyfriend. A couple months later we went jet skiing with mutual friends and something about him just clicked. I felt instant attraction. That night we went with our ffriends to Golden Corral and he sat right in front of me. I looked up at him and felt a feeling I never felt for a man before. I guess you could call it love at 3rd sight? At the time we met my son was 6 months old. He has taken him in like he is his son, we now have a year old daughter, and have been trying to plan a vintage rustic wedding, but have not had the funds to do anything because of the kids needing things first. I absolutely love and adore David and would be honored to have his help. Our wedding is October 4th 2014. I live in Richmond Va, and I don’t know if David would travel that far to do a wedding. It is my dream to even just meet David. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It really means the world to me.

  13. Janette Burciaga

    Hello my name is Janette Burciaga I have an 8 yr old boy and a 20 mth old boy. My husband and I got married through court just him and I. We met at work. Didnt think it would work I was a Dialysis patient and I didnt think he would stick by me with this problem. Doctors would tell me I needed a miracle to get a transplant. So it happened my first pregnancy was a very bad experience very sick and son at 5 1/2 mths. So being on Dialysis got pregnant and it was the best pregnancy ever healthy boy. 8 mths later I get a call that I had a match for a transplant. So we flew to San Antonio and hours later had my life change. So miracles do happen have my boys a great husband and a new kidney new life. I would love to have a true church wedding and meeting David would be the best. I watch his show. Got my husband into it too.

  14. Tiesha Tucker

    Hello my name is Tiesha Tucker and me and my fiancé met in 1999 when I was 14 NOW 28 he was riding his bike the street and I was walking he turned around to talk to me. We exchanged numbers and talked that whole summer. After the summer was over I went on to high school he went to Job Corp. In 2004, New Years Eve I ran into him again. We have never left each other’s side. We plan on getting married Valentine’s Day 2015. But its hard for me because I lost my mom in 2003, and lost my grandmother 2010, so not having somebody to help me plan my wedding (woman figure) is hard. I would like to make a tribute to these women that are not here with me in my ceremony. I love to watch David Tutera’s all the time and dream about him knocking on my door to help with me my wedding.

  15. Sallie owens simpson

    I am sallie. And my and husband and I. Really didn’t have my dream wedding. I always wanted David to do my wedding. I really love his work. And I live in chester sc. We have been married about a year. I would be so happy that I can see him. My number is 803 899 4073

  16. Sallie owens simpson

    I am sallie , I always wanted a beautiful wedding . We had a smallwedding and I always love david and his wedding. We I’ve in chester sc. My phone number is 8038994073.. Just watching him just make me dream and hoping. One day he can come to south Carolina.


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